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Estate Planning: Tough Conversations, Tough Decisions

March 11, 2022

Creating an estate plan is an essential component of your financial life, but one that can lead to uncomfortable conversations. For one, it forces us to discuss that none of us will live forever. And, it may reveal details about your wishes that your family members may not be aware of. As you define your estate plan, keep the following actions in mind:

  • Speak your mind. These are your wishes and it’s your time to disclose what’s most important to you. Your loved ones can’t read your mind, so it’s vital to communicate clearly.
  • Listen. As you express your wishes, take care to listen to what your loved ones express. Extend to them the same courtesy you desire.
  • Approach disagreements rationally. Emotions (and tempers) may flare throughout the planning process. This is perfectly normal. Use facts and objective reasoning to create compromise.

Help is always available to you as you work through your estate planning wishes. Call the office any time to discuss your plan or to schedule a meeting with your loved ones.