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Stay Ahead of Medicare Choices

Stay Ahead of Medicare Choices

February 18, 2022

Right about now you’re probably thinking time flies—and it does! Many people aren’t aware that the best time to begin planning for and learning about their Medicare options, eligibility, and enrollment requirements is now. While it may seem like you have plenty of time, you’ll be eligible to apply for benefits just three months before you turn 65. Unfortunately, many people wait until they turn age 65 and are under increased pressure to act quickly to avoid missing critical enrollment deadlines.

Stay ahead of the curve to avoid a gap in coverage or potential penalties for late enrollment.

While many people are automatically enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, others who meet certain criteria (for example, you’re not receiving Social Security benefits because you’re still working) must take steps to enroll in Part B. Medicare also offers Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C), Part D drug coverage, and optional Medigap supplemental insurance, which you must select and pay for yourself. You can learn more about the different options by visiting

If you need additional help understanding the various Medicare options available to you or want assistance planning for long-term care costs not covered under Medicare, let’s schedule time to talk. While it’s never too early to prepare, it can be too late.

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